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Of Dice And Gamers | Knavecon Live

As predicted my battery didn’t last long but I’ve excellent recollection. In between the last update and now, my predictions came through… I won everything with a victory streak that seemed to go on for hours. Okay I’m lying. I lost at everything but that game of Jaipur. Regardless I had an amazing time at the event […]

Zeus’ Battlegrounds Gears Up Battle Royale

The battle royale genre shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. Industry Games are the next to join the ranks with their game Zeus’ Battlegrounds. In a press release the game have announced that their free-to-play game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox. “Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a free-to-play, melee-based, 100+ player Battle […]

Portal 2 – Backlog

Portal has been around since 2007. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve no doubt come across certain memes from the game. “The cake is a lie” immediately comes to mind. It’s one of those games that every single gamer I’ve come across has played, and enjoyed. Funnily enough, I always heard more about […]