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EA Teases Star Wars Battlefront Sequels


Most Star Wars fans are already in a state of constant excitement in the lead-up to The Force Awakens, but this may push a few over the edge! EA CFO, Blake Jorgensen, today announced that EA’s 10 year licencing deal with Disney will result in several Battlefront games, as well as others in different genres, for console, mobile and PC. Yay for sequels!

Speaking about the recent game, which launches today, Jorgensen said, “It’s a big effort for us, and I don’t think there’s a human being in the world who hasn’t heard of the Star Wars movie coming. And so, [it’s a] great opportunity. We struck a licensing deal with Disney a few years back that’s almost ten years in length. The game that comes out tomorrow, Star Wars Battlefront, is a traditional first-person style shooter game. Our goal is to make future Battlefront games as well as other style games around the Star Wars franchise, both on mobile as well as console and PC. It’s a huge opportunity for us.”

“The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is it’s almost unlimited in what you can do with it,” he concluded.

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