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Ciaran’s E3 2014 Predictions

Ciaran’s E3 2014 Predictions



Its that magical time of the year again folks, the time when all the big game developers crowd into the LA convention center to show off all the exciting new titles they have for us. With last years desperate war of who has the best shiny black box, this year we can finally focus on what matters; the games. Seeing as I always go all out for E3, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to share my predictions and hopes for E3 this year, so join me as I list down everything I think (and hope) will happen next week. Lets kick it off with Microsoft.


So if you watched Microsoft’s press conference last year, you may have noticed that nothing exactly terrible happened (well other then the Crimson Dragon demo not working) and it wasn’t a train wreck. No, the thing people remember about Microsoft from last years E3 was just how hard they were stomped into the ground by Sony. While the Xbox One has been selling strong and all, Microsoft still needs to go hard this year and here is what I think might happen.

Bioware will announce a sci-fi game

Mass-Effect-N7-Wallpaper-1200x800 While it may sound vague, it could mean one of two things. Either BioWare will come out and show off Mass Effect 4 or they will show off a new Star Wars game. The chance of a new Mass Effect is a lot more probable as we know it’s in development and will not feature commander Shepard. Though the chance of a Star Wars game is slim, they do own the rights to make one, and what with the reboot movies starting next Summer, it would certainly be a perfect time.

  Shooters,shooters and more shooters

kevinspaceycod.0_standard_640.0 Well we all know its going to happen. We are going to see a plethora of guns, brown color schemes and gruff straight white men. Oh and Kevin Spacey. We are going to see a lot of Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare, a lot of Battlefield: Hardline and if we are lucky, a look at Halo 5: Guardians. Lets hope somewhere among all that grey we can see even more of Sunset Overdrive, or who knows, maybe even a brand new shooter franchise.

Brand new IP or bring back the classics


Gamers are a little jaded by Microsoft’s IP’s. Gears of War:Judgement was not very well received from fans or critics and seeing as Halo 5 is already happening, what else is there really left to show off? . We are entering a new generation. It’s a time for change, maybe some new blood could move some units. Hell, maybe Microsoft could use some of those Rare franchises, but we all know there’s slim to no chance of that happening at this point. Maybe a few years ago, but Rare is such a small company now, its not really possible for them to make a new Banjo Kazooie or Conker. Still, my hope’s on Microsoft shocking us, so I suppose I better get ready to be disappointed.


EA never puts on the most entertaining show, lets face it. We go in expecting sports and we get a lot of sports. Fifa and Madden plays on screen as a bored footballer talks about graphics and an entire conference hall falls asleep. It’s annoying and inevitable, but hey, they sometimes show off actual games as well.

Milking Bioware for all they’re worth

dragon_age_inquisition_01Lets face it, EA will use Bioware as much as they can this year. We know they will be showing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition, probably a long demo, going over new characters and the open world nature of the title and then possibly either announcing Mass Effect 4, or if it already has been at the conference, a demo or story trailer. Either way, Bioware will be there.

  A presentation of Mirrors Edge 2 gameplay 


Even if it was the only surprise at the EA press conference last year, it was still a damn good one; Mirrors Edge 2. Fast forward a year and we haven’t really heard much about the parkour sequel, so I think it’s a safe bet we will see Faith and her new tattoos on Monday.We all want to see more, and it will be a hell of a show pleaser. She will show up at some point, hopefully in a new engine and interesting game play. DICE aren’t even working on the next installment in the Battlefield series, so they can put all their time into this… wait, what’s next on the list again?

Battlefront will show up and be amazing

1282_dice-your-new-source-of-star-wars-battlefront-gamesWhile I already mentioned that we may possibly see a Bioware Star Wars title at E3, I am pretty much certain that DICE will show off Battlefront at E3, but probably during the EA conference. It popped up as a teaser trailer during last years EA show, so it’s a pretty safe bet it will show up again, but in what capacity? A trailer? Possibly even game play? With Star Wars 7 coming next year, fans will want something Star Wars themed to play, and Battlefront sounds perfect to me.


Out of the other conferences that aren’t the big three, Ubisoft always comes to show off, and more importantly, to have fun. As per usual, host Aisha Tyler will be headlining the show offering her usual comedic tone whilst showing off all the shiny new things Ubisoft has to offer.

A lot of Far Cry 4 will be shown off


Ubisoft found a formula that works in Far Cry 3. With a crazy open world and a camp villain, fans will shell out millions. Now that they have found a series to rival their best selling franchise, Assassins Creed, they are gonna use it. With recent bad press surrounding the title’s supposed racist intentions, E3 is the best time to clear up any misunderstandings and show us some game play. And the villain’s voice. God I hope he’s conniving and British.

The Division will have a long in engine presentation

maxresdefaultA lot of people freaked out about The Division’s game play presentation last year, with many saying it had the best graphics they had ever seen. Me, well its a Tom Clancy title, I automatically have no interest, but I do admit, it looked impressive. Almost too impressive. Due to the recent controversy on the graphical downgrade of Watch Dogs, we need to see it up and running. We don’t even understand entirely how the online aspect of the title works as of yet, so really they have to give us more details now.

Beyond and Good Evil 2 is announced

beyond-good-and-evil-2-pnEvery year I say it, and every year I am disappointed. We have waited way too long now and it just all adds up this year. I need to see Jade and Page again and if you are a fan of the original title, you know exactly why. The game was so unique and interesting, with some of the best characterization and world building I have ever seen in a game and that cliffhanger. I need more. Recently a lot of rumblings have all pointed towards this being the year we see Beyond Good and Evil 2, what with concept art being shown during a live stream at Ubisoft Montpellier, and said developer being done with their recent stint on Rayman and now wanting to make more serious games, it all just seems to fit perfectly into place.


Ah yes, Sony. Sony had a hell of a year at the last E3, what with the complete KO kick to the face they delivered to Microsoft by announcing the PS4 without any DRM, with tradeable games and at 100 Euros cheaper then the competition. They undeniably won, hands down, and really all they need to do this year is just keep it up and they will be fine. They are already in a great position with gamers, AAA and Indie,so really this year maybe something surprising would be nice.

Project Beast will be unveiled as a PS4 exclusive 

ss-2014-05-02-at-12-09-46This one seems like a bit of a no brainer at this point, but who knows, maybe this is just wishful thinking. From Software have recently signed a contract with Sony, meaning they will produce exclusives for them, similar to Demon’s Souls. Well, a lot of talk has been surrounding their latest title, Project Beast, and what with that recent trailer leak, it all points towards that exact trailer showing up during the Sony conference.

 Team Ico reveals the newly reconstructed “The Last Guardian 




This one is pretty similar to the Beyond Good and Evil 2, but kinda holds more water. Being announced back at E3 2007, every year fans have hoped and dreamed for this to be the year, and once again I am still holding out hope. Fumito Ueda has spoken quite a bit about the title this year actually, stating that it is being “re-engineered” for PS4. But as of the last few days, rumblings have been pointing to the project being canceled, so if it doesn’t show up during this years conference, it might really be the end for the young boy and Trico.

 Naughty Dog show off Uncharted 4

uncharted-4-ps4This kind of needs to happen at this point. It’s been a while since The Last of Us and we already know it’s in development, we just have yet to actually see the game run. What with hordes of employees leaving the doors of Naughty Dog every day, we have a lot of reasons to be anxious, and showing off their first true next gen title will gain Naughty Dog some much needed good press. Who knows, maybe we will even see something more than Uncharted, seeing as Naughty Dog just recently announced they are working on something else. Jak and Daxter reboot anyone?


Oh Nintendo. Poor, poor Nintendo. With the lackluster first 2 years of the Wii U’s lifespan being a complete financial disaster, Nintendo really needs to step up this year. While Mario Kart 8 is selling surprisingly strong numbers in the last few weeks, we need more. We need surprises, we need IP’s that haven’t had attention in years to come back. Its also about time for Miyamoto to give us something new, because if you really think about it, the last original Nintendo IP was Pikmin if you don’t count the Mii’s. This year they may not have a live conference but they need to go in hard and surprise us.

Nintendo talks toys

nfc_mario660We already know its going to happen, but I may as well talk about it anyway. Nintendo has been developing an NFP toy system similar to Skylanders or Disney Infinity. If I was to guess, they will show off a line of toys developed for Super Smash Bros, think about how much money they could get out of the fans. Hell, I would buy them. While we already know they will show up in some capacity, we have no idea how they will look, how they will function or even the price. Knowing Nintendo, they will spend a long time on these figures, seeing as the Smash Bros series is actually about a crazed collector hording statues of Nintendo characters.

Zelda Wii U will be announced

Wii-U-Zelda-Tech-Demo1 Its the right time for Nintendo to show off Zelda Wii U, as after Smash Bros is released for 3DS and Wii U this year, there won’t be anything to keep gamers excited, and there’s nothing like a Zelda title to keep people excited. Since the impressive presentation of the future of Zelda when the Wii U was announced back in 2011, fans have been begging for more, and Nintendo was actually close to bringing it to last years E3, so its a pretty safe bet we will be seeing a lot of it this Tuesday.

We will see Miyamoto’s new IP

Shigeru-Miyamoto1Nintendo isn’t exactly what you would call the most innovative company in the world and that’s usually fine seeing as they make great, polished fun titles that everyone loves. Sometimes that’s just not enough, and with the bad position the Wii U is in right now, they need to take risks. Nintendo needs to surprise us with a new IP, not a series of sports and music games, a new AAA Nintendo franchise, one that will have that Nintendo charm while still trying new things. Miyamoto  has said recently that he has been working on a new IP, so lets just hope its in a presentable state for Tuesday, and whether it’s for the Wii U or 3DS, it would be amazing to see some new Nintendo magic, and maybe, just maybe it can save the Wii U.

Well folks that’s pretty much it. Lets hope this isn’t all just wishful thinking. Expect a whole bunch of news and trailers coming your way in the next few days. I can certainly expect a lack of sleep on my end. Anyway, conferences start tomorrow, lets hope for some exciting announcements.