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Dakota Irish Launch New Video Series

Luke McIntosh, founder of Dakota Irish, has started a new video series. It will be a weekly upload, covering all things D&D, TTRPGs and even Dokota Irish products. This series will also grow and include some fan requests or questions, as well as tips for starting your own adventures. If you don’t know Dakota Irish, […]

Battlefield V Review

Another year and another incarnation of the Battlefield releases. This time Battlefield V returns to it’s WWII roots, with an array of era appropriate guns, locations, vehicles and stories to get to grips with. There are 2 distinct aspects to the game, with a short single-player campaign and large destructive playground that is multiplayer Single-player […]

Battlefield V Has Been Delayed EA Confirms

Originally scheduled for an October release, Battlefield V has been, in brief, delayed. In a statement EA confirmed the news that the World War II inspired shooter would not make it’s original October 19th release date. It’s now aiming for November 20th, a full month later, in order to fine-tune the game. “With the Open Beta just […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Review

We finally have it, folks! After months of previews and beta testing, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is released. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a reboot of the 2008 game Mirror’s Edge. A sequel had been teased for many years since the games inception. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that we were actually given a confirmation. 3 long years of development have culminated […]

Mirror’s Edge ‘Why We Run’ Trailer

With the release date for the much anticipated Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst just a few short weeks away, fans have been gifted with yet another teaser trailer to get you hyped for the game. Featuring both in game scenes and gameplay, the video below gives a taste of what is to come in Catalyst before it hits shelves […]