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Destiny In Your Hands… Sort Of!

Following on from last years line of Titan figurines, Bungie have once again teamed up with scale model specialists 3A to provide fans with more collectables from the world of their hugely popular action role playing RPG, Destiny. Variety! 3A’s latest release, will allow collectors to get their hands on three unique variations of the […]

Kotobukiya Take On Animated Batman

He is the Batman that most of us remember and despite the many incarnations that have followed him since, it has been very hard to knock Batman The Animated Series off it’s pedestal. Now renowned figure and collectibles maker Kotobukiya are preparing to release a new statue of Batman based on the cartoon series. It’s currently […]

New Crying Vegeta DBZ Figure Shakes With Fear

Saiyan Prince and arch rival of Goku, Vegeta has a reputation of being a terrifying and formidable force of power, destruction and rage. One of the main characters in the Dragonball universe, fans of the show watched him grow from tyrannical villain, to anti-hero to protagonist facing each trial like a true fighter and champion. The […]