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New Crying Vegeta DBZ Figure Shakes With Fear

New Crying Vegeta DBZ Figure Shakes With Fear


Saiyan Prince and arch rival of Goku, Vegeta has a reputation of being a terrifying and formidable force of power, destruction and rage. One of the main characters in the Dragonball universe, fans of the show watched him grow from tyrannical villain, to anti-hero to protagonist facing each trial like a true fighter and champion.

The tipping point for his character came during the Frieza saga, many holding it as the moment he turned a corner in his life. We watched as he battled the monstrous Frieza, going all out and losing but still fighting, beaten and broken. In an act of desperation the Saiyan fires of his ‘Final Burst Cannon’, gathering all of his power to do so but not even making a dent on the hybrid mutant.

Confronted by his inevitable defeat, unable to draw on any more strength, Vegeta breaks down in the fight, trembling with fear and tears running down his face. He is broken!

Now Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai, are offering a new ‘HG Vegeta’ figure that captures that moment from the series. The figure comes complete with a stand that vibrates, simulating the trembling done by the Saiyan.


Price at approximately €40, pre-orders of the figure won’t open on the store until the end of the month March 31