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Geek Pile – Gif Essay

It’s not a collection when you’ve not been able to give it your full attention. It’s the geek pile! We all have one! It’s a clutter of shame! A mountain of disgraced discs! A sea of scandalished back issues! A scandalous trove of half watched episodes! With the best of intentions many a geek and […]

Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Kotobukiya Figure

Spider-Gwen has been amazingly popular since her appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 and not one single person can deny that. If you’re at a convention lately, you’re sure to see a Spider-Gwen walking around, and with her newfound popularity comes her Kotobukiya statue! This week we got our first peek at the Spider-Gwen statue […]

Titanic Tragedy As Told By LEGO

I had no idea how much feels could come from LEGO but LEGO genius Ryan McNaught has done it with this interpretation of the Titanic tragedy. Ryan was able to re-create heart rendering scenes into his 120,000-piece model of the doomed ship breaking in half before sinking. There is countless amounts of LEGO people desperately clinging to the […]