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Star Wars Dominates Toy Sales in 2015

Star Wars Dominates Toy Sales in 2015


It’s no surprise that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a big deal last year. Everywhere you went there was probably something Star Wars related. From apps to shoes, if you can think of it is probably existed at some point. Not only was The Force Awakens a huge hit in the box office, it dominated the toy industry and will probably continue to do so for another while.

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As reported by ComicBook the toy industry raked in over 700 million dollars in the United States of America alone. We never doubted it for a minute but if those are just the figures for the US we can only wonder how much was spent world wide. Considering this movie was a huge hit with people of all ages and with the popularity that surrounded Rey as a lead character we can’t really be too shocked.

Although there has been quite a noticeable lack of Rey in a few of the figurine sets and toys, new waves of the toys will be including her and rightly so, she is after all a lead character and according to the DCP her figures sold faster than any of the other characters from The Force Awakens.

Are you surprised by the sales generated? Did you contribute to them in anyway? Let us know in the comments.