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Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Sony’s E3 Press Conference kicked off with a live orchestra playing a mighty, booming soundtrack. After several minutes, the curtain raised on stage, as the theatre was plunged into darkness, to reveal a young boy playing with toys. A voice is heard telling the boy they are going hunting. From the darkness, a familiar figure, resembling a bearded Kratos, […]

Video: Path of a Lightsaber

With The Force Awakens coming out officially in the USA in digital copy on April 1st, and on Bluray/ DVD on April 5th, we thought a little reminder of what makes this movie so special to fans was in order. “Path of a Lightsaber” is a beautifully fan-edited video that shows the path Luke’s lightsaber has […]

BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay

With the news that the next installment of Star Wars will be filming right here in Ireland, you can be sure that there are plenty of locations and exotic locales for our protagonists to explore. But what of everyone’s favourite teeny tiny gyrating droid, BB-8? What if he happens to run into a terrifying obstacle such […]

Tourism Ireland Video Aimed At Star Wars Fans

Discover Ireland has released a video with the aim of attracting Star Wars fans who hope to visit Skellig Michael, which features in an iconic scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The video features J.J. Abrams emphasizing his desire to have locations as authentic and realistic as possible in the film, Skellig Michael being perfect […]