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BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay

BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay


With the news that the next installment of Star Wars will be filming right here in Ireland, you can be sure that there are plenty of locations and exotic locales for our protagonists to explore. But what of everyone’s favourite teeny tiny gyrating droid, BB-8? What if he happens to run into a terrifying obstacle such as…


Look at the poor little guy! Do you want this to happen to such a sweet innocent droid?! No, no, no! This won’t do! No stairs in the rest of the saga! I know it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far away but surely it’s wheelchair accessible, we’ll just cover the place in ramps. In an effort to spare everyone of the heartbreak of losing BB-8 to a treacherous step, we at The Arcade are offering up some alternative BB-8 friendly situations for future films.


A Chicken Coup

See! Look how happy and excited he looks here! Much better than those smelly old stairs! The galaxy is huge, there must be somewhere where we can just watch BB-8 roll around with some baby animals, having the time of his life and being so adorable we all die.

bb-8 baby chickens

A Tunnel Full Of Cats

Along the same line as the chicks, there has to be a tunnel full of cats somewhere in the galaxy to make the adorable scenario below a reality. At a push, we’re willing to settle for a scene where a bunch of Cathar start batting BB-8 around playfully.

bb-8 cat tunnel

Speaking of Tunnels…

Come on, there’s already talk of an Indiana Jones remake in the works over at Disney. Think of how many fans would have a heart attack seeing Indy running from a giant BB-8 in a temple in Peru! Come on, Disney! You bought those licenses, now is time to use them!

bb-8 Indiana jones

Anywhere Rey Goes

Regardless of roller-droid accessibility, we’d feel safe seeing Rey standing at BB-8’s side. Their companionship in the film was touching. What’s more, we have a feeling Rey will get the most screen time in the saga, so having BB-8 poking his head around the corner every so often would be a nice little bonus on that one!

bb-8 sunset

Stay Safe BB-8!

No matter where you are in the galaxy, or what the screen writers have in store for you, stay safe and keep on rollin’!

bb-8 thumbs up