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10 Things Every 90’s Pokémon Kid Had

10 Things Every 90’s Pokémon Kid Had


The 90’s were a simpler time for us when we were growing up! We didn’t have selfies! We didn’t have our own social media accounts and chatrooms where we talked to weirdos everyday were still cool. We were good kids,mostly free from tantrums, meltdowns and explosive fits of rage in the supermarket! Unless you count all those times we lost it over Pokémon!

Growing up as a kid in the late 90s meant most of us reading this were old enough to not just want the toys and collectibles but to also appreciate them (for the most part). If you’re one of us then count yourself lucky and do a raid on your toy chest at home to see how many of these things you still have!

10. Pokémon Red or Blue

Red and Blue

Listen, unless your parents were super rich you hadn’t a hope in hell of getting both copies of the game! I’ll never forget the day Pokémon Red landed in our house, we had one Gameboy so me and my younger brother had to share! Remarkably we never fought over whose turn it was, we shared our team and both took turns exploring each location – that doesn’t happy any more!

9. The Pokémon Sticker Album

Pokemon Stickers Pokemon Sticker Book

Kids these days experiments with everything from cigarettes to booze and even drugs! Back in my day we weren’t addicted to anything except Pokémon stickers! I would have killed you for these things! Again we didn’t have a lot of money, so we had one book but double the manpower in trying to complete it by any means necessary! We went so far as to even swindle younger kids out of the rarer stickers and I can assure you both of us still think it was worth it!

8. Pokémon Pogs

Pokemon Pogs

Truthfully I did have some Pokémon pogs but that was only after pogs stopped being cool and I hadn’t a clue what to do with them! I found some recently when the family room was being done up, lost under the skirting boards!

7. Pokémon Master Trainer

Pokemon Master Trainer

If you had this game and you actually knew what to do with it/how to play it then consider me jealous of your life! I got this for Christmas from Santa one year but my parents having no mass in it and my being 11 years old no idea how to even start playing, I just made up my own rules. Coincidentally I always won!

6. Pikachu Alarm Clock

Pikachu Alarm Clock

My Pikachu alarm clock went missing a few weeks after I got it. It probably had something to do with the fact that I set it to wake me up two hours before the rest of the household and cram a little more training in for my team. My parents told me Team Rocket stole it!

5. Pokémon Chupa Chups

Pokemon Chupa Chups

Confirm something for me please – these pops had a chewing gum inside them and if I remember a Pokémon printed on them?

4. Knock-off Pikachu Plushie

Pikachu Plushie

Yes it was the stuff of nightmares! It was also one of the first pieces of Pokémon, let’s say inspired, toys you might have ever owned! I know it was one of my first!

3. The Pokédex


I got a keyboard for Christmas one year! My uncle used it more than me so I sold it to him (I was very enterprising for a child) and spent my profits on Pokémon toys! The first thing I bought was the PokéDex sealing my destiny as a trainer!

2. Original 150 Pokémon Poster

Pokemon Poster

I can’t seem to find the poster I had growing up. It was almost identical to this one but it was landscape not portrait in style. It may possible have come free in a Nintendo magazine at the time. If I’m recalling the right one, it had a little checkbox you could tick once you caught the Pokémon.

1. A VHS Tape


If you didn’t have at least one of these you were a doomed Pokémon fan! Family commitments, school, the outdoors all tried to get in the way of some serious research and hours glued to the animated series. That’s where VHS tapes were your only hope. God help the person who dared record over an episode you hadn’t seen yet – those of you not living in Ireland might wonder why it was so important. Episodes were never really join in the chronological format here so taping was your only chance to follow the gripping storylines!

How many of these did you have growing up? What’s missing from my list? Let me know in the comments below!