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Horror Icons – Style Saturday

Horror Icons – Style Saturday


This weekend sees the very first horror convention in Dublin called ScreamVention in the Red Cow! Now, for someone like me, this is very exciting as I’m a massive horror nerd and can’t get enough of blood, guts and screams in my favourite films. So what better way to celebrate this than to do a nice little Style Saturday on two horror icons, two horror style icons (…yeah right). Yes, we’re gonna focus on Jason Voorhees and Charles Lee Ray, better known as Chucky from Child’s Play.

Something should be pointed out; if you read this on Saturday and you’re going to ScreamVention on Sunday, then take some inspiration from this and go and meet Alex Vincent from Child’s Play, and Kane Hodder from Friday the 13th dressed in your inspired clothing choices! Throw a little fake blood around, get yourself a fake knife and away you go!


Now I’m going with Chucky for the women’s section of Style Saturday this week, mostly due to the fact that I’d love to do this little look as an almost sort of Horrorbound (see; Disneybounding) look for ScreamVention. Chucky, just to refresh people’s minds on the little evil thing, is a possessed doll who is hell bent on murder and taking over other people’s bodies. Basically, he’s terrifying and yet, fantastic all at the same time. Anyway, lets see my interpretation on a little homage look for Chucky, our friend til the end!


Firstly, I’m giving you girls a choice between two different shirts because neither one is the perfect match for Chucky’s ‘Good Guys’ shirt. Therefore I’ve gone with two and you can make the choice yourself! All you really need is a horizontal striped shirt with red, blue, white or black, whatever seems like it matches Chucky’s as close as you can get it! Our next thing is very important and that’s Chucky’s overalls. Now, we’re going a little edgier and we’re making them short, ripped and lacking in that lovely front flap that most dungarees and overalls have. Red converse or red sneakers are just perfect for Chucky as it looks closest to what the little evil doll is wearing himself.

The accessories are just something that I wanted to throw in because it seems to add to the whole outfit and gives it a little something extra. Firstly, it was the necklace that just screamed Chucky to me, really! The little butcher knife with the blood on the edge just gives you another small thing that shows the horror side of the look. And if that wasn’t enough then I found the most amazing snow white bow splashed with blood which you can place in your messy hair-do to add a little girly something to the whole thing. Last, but not least, are your nails! Dark red with dark red jewels on one nail, all the rage at the moment. (Or so I’ve heard).

Top €44 / Top €32, Dungarees €25, Necklace €14, Bow €2.56, Nails €12, Shoes €32


I’m not great at choosing clothing for other people, but trying my best to match Jason’s look from Friday the 13th films was actually harder than I thought it would have been! I tried my best to make it look like something you could wear out and maybe only the most die hard fans could figure out what you’re doing, or what film you’re trying to pay homage to. Hopefully you think I succeeded!


First thing I tried to emulate was Jason’s jacket, something almost military but dark and good for camouflage when you’re out stalking teenagers in the woods (…or just going to a convention). The dark jeans have rips because, well, I figured that Jason wouldn’t exactly take care of his clothing, and I’m not suggesting that you should do the same but you can at least throw a little bit of fashion into it while you’re at it. The beige top almost looks dirty in a way, which works perfectly once more to emulate Jason and means you don’t have to do that yourself. Of course, any sort of beige top would look well under that nice military cut jacket.

The boots are almost combat like, strong and durable, you’ll be able to stalk through on a murderous rampage whenever you feel like it with these boots. Of course, any combat boots will work, or even Doc Martens if you’ve got them! Studded belts or any thick dark belts will work when you pair it with the amazing Jason Voorhees belt buckle I found, it’s heavy and will sit perfectly on any thick belt you put it on. As for the Jason ring, well that’s optional but it just looks damn awesome, don’t you think?

Jacket €44, Top €42, Jeans €36, Belt €7.60, Boots €34, Belt Buckle €22.61, Ring €4.79