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Snorlax Cushion Every Home Needs

Snorlax Cushion Every Home Needs


Snorlax may not be top of everyone’s must have Pokémon list but this Snorlax cushion should be the first thing any homeowner buys! In fact if you own a home and don’t have one of these we’re pretty sure you’re breaching some housing codes! Or something!

The cushion stands at 150cm tall and 130cm wide when upright and when lying flat on it’s back, 60cm tall. It’s the work of Premium Bandai who have partnered with The Pokémon Company to produce and release the soft furnishing!

Snorlax 1

The price for this hefty necessity is a whopping ¥52,000 which equates to about €420 not including shipping (which we’re pretty sure won’t come cheap either). Don’t worry though these aren’t available outside of Japan just yet (we’re not sure if they will be released here in Europe) so you’ve plenty of time to save for one if they do make it overseas! Snorlax love to travel… in between naps!