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Praise The Sun! – Gallery

Finally the sun is finally starting to shine on us here in Ireland this week. It’s been as far from summer weather as possible for the last while back, but now we can all go outside and enjoy that sweet vitamin D before we burn to a nice lobster red and regret our decisions. So […]

Pokémon- Saturday Morning Cartoons

You’ve been busy successfully adult-ing all week, so now it’s time to chill out, watch something easy and fun. Unless you enjoy being up early, the good news is that now in the age of Netflix, Sky+ and online streaming you no longer need to get up super early to enjoy cartoon greats. With just […]

SMTV Live – Saturday Morning Cartoons

I know this isn’t technically a cartoon but, for me, SMTV Live defined my childhood Saturday mornings. Abbreviated from literally “Saturday Morning Television Live”, this show is the epitome of what children’s TV is missing today. Aired in August 1998 (eek I’m getting old) and running until December 2003, SMTV Live was hosted by the […]

10 Things to Do In The Sun!

Catch a Wave! Go to the beach! Show off that beach body while you’re at it! Try a barbecue! If you can put it together that is…. Try a picnic! Better yet, crash a picnic! Go for a swim! ….Unless you can’t swim Enjoy for a nice walk in the park! Or have a nice […]

Top 5 Pokémon We Need In Real Life

As most people are aware,  the Pokémon world is inhabited by humans and Pokémon, living side by side in harmony. These Pokémon come in various different shapes, sizes and each possesses their own uniques skills and attributes. So in this Top 5 list, we’re going to have a look at some Pokémon that would make […]