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2016 Delicious Noms – Geek N’ Bake

2016 Delicious Noms – Geek N’ Bake


Geek N’ Bake is coming back next month and it’s going to be bigger and sweeter than ever! Before I move on with my 2017 recipes I want to look back at some of my favourites from 2016. Whether you’ve a sweet tooth or a belly for savoury spices there was something for everyone!

Here are my top three 2016 Geek N’ Bake recipes:

Terrific Teriyaki

I fricking love cooking teriyaki! It’s the best of both worlds, a little sweet and a little savoury! Couple that with a bowl of sticky rice and I am in heaven! Teriyaki is one of the foods you tend to see most in anime and this variation works for carnivores and vegetarians alike. Serve with a side of stir fried or steamed green veg like green beans or pak choi.

Tip: Try and let your dish marinade over night for an even stronger flavour!

Full Terrific Teriyaki recipe here!

Carols Cookies

Raise your undead hand if you love The Walking Dead! I have a serious place in my heart for Carol! She’s the mother we all want in the Apocalypse! Despite her penchant for killing, Carol still clings to moments from her past. One of the best and equally toughest episodes sees Carol turned homemaker once more when her group take refuge in an abandoned home.

Here Carol manages to create a simple treat for her young companions using what she could find in the house. I love this recipe then I again I love cookies! You will too particularly if you like your cookies on the chewy side! You cannot go wrong with this simple twist but there is just not enough in one and you’ll be growling for more!

Tip: Store these in an airtight container if you want to make them last! If you can!

Full Carol’s Cookies recipe here!

Pokémon Go Snacks

Remember when we all went a little nuts for Pokémon Go? My ass is normally firmly planted on a couch after work but this app had me out traversing the wilds of Limerick looking for Pokémon!

A variation on the Spanish snack, the churro, these handy little balls of fried/baked dough were stuff with an extra treat. While not the ideal snack when you’re aiming to get fit and drop those pounds, these handy bites are ideal for breakfast with large groups! Or alternatively whip up a batch as a marathon gaming snack and indulge yourself!

Tip: Serve warm for the best flavour and texture!

Full Pokémon Snack recipe here!

Ahead of it’s return, I want to know what kind of food you’d like to see on Geek N’ Bake! So if you want to see more foods inspired by geeky stuff like my Pokémon snacks or Teriyaki or you want see foods created from your favourite games/comics/shows like Carol’s Cookies! Cast your vote in the poll below!

What kind of food should Geek N' Bake do?