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Geeky Gifts For Under €25

Christmas is just days away, but if you’re anything like the team at The Arcade, you haven’t got any of your shit together yet. Fear not, for there’s still time for you to bag an awesome gift (that doesn’t break the bank) for that beloved geek in your life. Here are some of our suggestions! […]

New DC Justice League Trailer Released

The new Justice League trailer released, bringing together a new band of heroes. The film follows closely after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer focuses heavily on the loss of Superman, and the effect his loss has on Lois Lane and the wider world around him. The trailer shows off a very grim world indeed, […]

Wonder Woman Final Trailer Releases

News regarding the release of more DC comic films in general doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement these days. Aside from Suicide Squad, the more gritty approach of the DC films for the most part has fallen flat in my eyes. However, there is one upcoming DC film I am very excited about. And that […]

The Batmobile – Gallery

Sometimes how cool a Batman incarnation is rides on his gadgets. Aside from the almost comical utility belt and the Batsuit, of prime importance is the Batmobile. From the 60’s TV show to the newly teased Justice League version, the Dark Knight’s car is sure to never disappoint. This gallery aims to look at just some […]

Warner Bros Release First Justice League Trailer

DC’s Justice League has only been in production a short while, and already they have amassed some awesome footage to whet our appetites. Released to the excited crowds in San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H, our first trailer sees Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince bringing together a team of “warriors” to defend against an imminent extraterrestrial threat. Check […]