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New DC Justice League Trailer Released

New DC Justice League Trailer Released


The new Justice League trailer released, bringing together a new band of heroes. The film follows closely after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer focuses heavily on the loss of Superman, and the effect his loss has on Lois Lane and the wider world around him. The trailer shows off a very grim world indeed, with even worse threats to come.

Bruce Wayne begins having dreams envisioning the end of the world. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman gather Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash to stop the darker threats on the horizon. “Divided, we are not enough,” Bruce announces in the trailer. And he’s probably right, since the trailer shows the team fighting together in what promises to be intense battles.

Justice League follows in the footsteps of the success of Wonder Woman earlier this year. After many fans were disappointed after Batman Vs Superman, we can only hope Justice League will not fail to impress!

Justice League hits cinemas this November.

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