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Star Wars The Greek Tragedy In Marble

Star Wars is basically a modern day Greek Tragedy! I don’t think the Ancient Greeks would have included Jar-Jar Binks though! Unless it was to sacrifice him! Travis Durden, a Parisian artist, has taken this idea of Star Wars and the Ancient Greeks to a different level. The artist has combined modern pop culture with […]

Hot Toys Reveal New Death Trooper Figurine

Anyone eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: Rogue One this December; I have news for you! Hot Toys has released a new figurine to complement the upcoming film, the Death Trooper. Sporting a sleek, black suit of armour, these soldiers look well suited to fight alongside Darth Vader. The Death Troopers stand at 2cm […]

New Promo Images Of Rogue One’s Darth Vader

As we all know, Darth Vader will appear in Gareth Edwards‘ Rogue One and Vader’s brief appearance in the trailer was enough to get everyone talking. Thanks to StarWarsNet, a new promotional image of Vader is available from an upcoming Rogue One card game. Cartamundi, the card company, assures StarWarsNet that the image is from the […]

Boba Fett Was Original Villain Of Episode Six

It’s the eternal struggle of any original trilogy fan that someone as cool as Boba Fett croaked so quickly. However, according to former Lucasfilm fan relation officer, Craig Miller, our tight-lipped bounty hunter was originally intended for a much larger part! In an interview with Inverse, Miller explained that Star Wars was intended to extend to […]

Video: Path of a Lightsaber

With The Force Awakens coming out officially in the USA in digital copy on April 1st, and on Bluray/ DVD on April 5th, we thought a little reminder of what makes this movie so special to fans was in order. “Path of a Lightsaber” is a beautifully fan-edited video that shows the path Luke’s lightsaber has […]