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Nightwing Reborn In Classic Outfit

Nightwing returns! After spending some time as an undercover spy, Dick Grayson is returning to his roots. He re-dons his black-and-blue bodysock in Nightwing: Rebirth #1. Fans of Coke Classic rejoice! Back in 2014, Bruce Wayne’s first ward ditched his duds, strapped on a gun. This was when he started working undercover for an organisation […]

Cowboy Bebop Figure Skater

We know little to nothing of ice skating other than the figure skaters make the sport look so easy! So easy in fact we dare try it every Christmas at the local ice rink and end up with more bruises and swollen ankles than something with a lot of bruises…and multiple sore ankles! Okay bad […]

Gal Gadot Tweets Our First Look at Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s first solo movie finally started production this month and we couldn’t be more excited! Gal Gadot who will be playing the iconic Amazonian superhero tweeted our first official glimpse at Diana, saying “Almost 75 years in the making… Wonder Woman is underway.” We’ll first see Gadot as Diana in next years’s Batman v Superman: […]

Cat Crowned Halloween King

Just give up! Put the latex down! Take the makeup off! Put the bin bags back into the press under the sink! This cat has taken the Halloween crown! Never ever has a cat looked so adorable and so angry at the same time! He’s working and hating every second he wears the costume proving […]