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Nightwing Reborn In Classic Outfit

Nightwing Reborn In Classic Outfit


Nightwing returns! After spending some time as an undercover spy, Dick Grayson is returning to his roots. He re-dons his black-and-blue bodysock in Nightwing: Rebirth #1. Fans of Coke Classic rejoice!

Back in 2014, Bruce Wayne’s first ward ditched his duds, strapped on a gun. This was when he started working undercover for an organisation called Spyral. He’s been the star of his own spy thriller for the last two years. Now, writer Tim Seeley is bringing Dick back to the Bat-family as he deals with the Parliament of Owls.

In an interview with Newsarama, Seeley went into detail about the ways his newest run will shake up Dicks’ life.

“The key difference is that Dick has gone away, seen some of the world, gained experience, and is bringing that experience to this new context. Seeley said:“Grayson was a book about Dick Grayson away from the world that he had lived his whole life in. And Nightwing is about him returning to that as a guy with a different viewpoint and different sort of experience and education.”   

This run isn’t all about getting the gang back together. According to Seeley, Yeah, we bring Dick back to Gotham and back to working with Batman, but we pick up the storyline that started in Robin War, which basically had him inducted into the Parliament of Owls, which is an international spin-off of the Gotham Court of Owls.


Batman isn’t the only familiar face making an appearance, though. Barbara Gordon, Damian Wayne and Huntress will all get involved. A new character called Raptor will also join the cast. He acts as a mentor figure for Damian, but seems to have his own agenda.

It’s always great to hear a creator being passionate about a character, and it looks Seeley is excited to draw on Nightwings’ history to do interesting things.

“I think we’ve figured out a whole bunch of things that have worked about the character in the past, and I’m definitely interested in grabbing all the best parts of that character from his 75-year history and then adding some new stuff.”

Let’s hope the spandex still fits.