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Elhoffer Design – Must Have It

When it comes to clothing, well I’ve gotta say that my eye is usually drawn to geeky themed items but I’ve found that at times the clothing is usually limited to t-shirts or dresses with one print slammed on the front. Whereas Elhoffer Design has come out on the scene and has proven that geeky […]

Insert Coin Rebranding

Popular gaming apparel website Insert Coin has gone under some changes. Insert Coin has re-branded in an attempt to branch out from their usual style of merchandise. The firm want to be seem as more that just a ‘merchandise site’. In a bid to appeal to the masses they want to be seen as more of a […]

Utena Tenjou – Style Saturday

‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ is a classic nineties anime that began airing before I was even born. Yet the design and stylistic elements remain as intriguing and engaging to viewers as they ever were. I’ve always found the outfit designs in the show interesting. While retaining an element of the general magical girl genre, the designs are […]

Style Saturday: Guild Threads

They often charge head first into battle without a thought about armor or protection (okay maybe Erza Scarlet does but that doesn’t count), regardless of the fact, the wizards of the Fairy Tail guild wear some pretty snazzy threads, practical or not. It got me think a little bit more about my own wardrobe and the […]

Style Saturday: Mockingjay

Well this week has seen the release of Mockingjay Part 2, which (as most of us know) is the final part of the Hunger Games trilogy! I personally haven’t seen the film yet, but I think it’s safe to say that the costumes are definitely going to stand out! And that is why Mockingjay is […]

Style Saturday: Jessica Jones

I can’t put into words (he says doing so anyway) just how excited I am for the release of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix next month! The show is following in the footsteps of some big red boots after the smashing success of Marvel’s Daredevil but there is so much going for it that it’s guaranteed […]