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J!NX Overwatch Ultimate Hoodie – Must Have

J!NX Overwatch Ultimate Hoodie – Must Have


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Okay I know I am on record as saying I need X or Y or X and Y or will die. I say that a lot but then again I like lots of different things. I also need lots of different things. Case in point, these totally deadly and utterly necessary Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies from J!NX.

I mean come on who doesn’t want to wear one of these? Pre-Orders for the first round of hoodies are open with seven designs available. Genji, Zarya, Widowmaker, Lucio, Reinhardt and D.Va fans and non-fans check these out:

Designer Ultimates

Just like you, we adore Overwatch and the whole lineup of characters. We put that love into this new line of hoodies designed specifically for each character. It took 18 years of creating and producing awesome gaming apparel for our Ultimate to be fully charged. Heroes, we hope you are ready.”

While there are only 7 designs available right now, J!NX have designs in motion for the remaining Overwatch heroes and villains.

Dear Gods of Overwatch, Blizzard and J!NX, I really want one all of these. If you could find it in your generous and benevolent hearts to bestow one upon me I promise never to ragequit again for two whole weeks!

You can learn more about the ‘Overwatch Ultimate Hoodie’ and see what else J!NX are working on right here. Don’t forget to pre-order one of the hoodies and I’ll take one too!