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Insert Coin Rebranding

Insert Coin Rebranding


Popular gaming apparel website Insert Coin has gone under some changes. Insert Coin has re-branded in an attempt to branch out from their usual style of merchandise.

The firm want to be seem as more that just a ‘merchandise site’. In a bid to appeal to the masses they want to be seen as more of a fashion brand. However this re-brand doesn’t mean that the merchandise itself has changed drastically. You can still find the usual gaming related attire on the site.

The re-brand could prove beneficial in an increasingly competitive market. With other well known sites like Qweertee, ThinkGeek, Jinx and many many others to name a few in the mix, standing out might not be a bad thing. On the other hand each of the bigger sites all have their own unique selling point. For Insert Coin they cater to gamers, specifically gamers who want to look cool. When co-founder Dan Long was interviewed some years ago for GamesBeat he said.

“We just want to make gaming apparel cool without making it ridiculously expensive,”.

So when asked about the rebrand by MCVUK Long had this to say.

“We’ve had the same look for almost six years and we wanted to shake things up a bit with something new. We wanted to build on our reputation as more of a fashion brand as opposed to ‘just another merchandise seller’,”.

Creative Director, Jon Rhodes explained when speaking to weseeinpixels :

“We’ve been working on our new branding for the last few months and we’re really excited about giving IC a new look. Just how videogames moved from pixels and sprites to polygons and textures, we’ve evolved from our retro-styling to something more modern.”

Fans can breath easy knowing that although brand and site has changed in appearance the products and customer appreciation has not.

What do you think of the re-brand? Do you think it shouldn’t have changed? Let us know in the comments below.