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Style Saturday – Kingdom Hearts

Style Saturday – Kingdom Hearts


The weather has been confusing this past week, making it a little difficult to decide what to wear. So while the weather sorts itself out, here are two outfits that can be altered to fit any weather!

With E3 wrapping up last week, video games have been at the centre of my mind for a while to the point where I just want to spend all my time playing them! Since I can’t do that unfortunately, I instead decided to dedicate this week’s Style Saturday to one of my all-time favourite video games – Kingdom Hearts!

Traverse Town

Stlye Saturday - Kingdom Hearts. Women.

If you’re like me and you’re tired of waiting for any and all news on Kingdom Hearts III, why not begin slowly adding some themed attire to your wardrobe to demonstrate your love for the game?

This one is a general themed outfit with this in mind. The Traverse Town and game logo, accompanied with the red converse add a bit of colour to the look, with the black ripped jeans. I think the golden key necklace is a nice touch to keep the theme going, but any heart or key-themed necklace could just as easily fit the part.

Plus, this outfit is a nice excuse to go out and buy yourself a cute Heartless plushie!

Necklace €28 | Tank Top €12 | Jeans €29 | Converse €49 | Heartless Plush €5.34

Organisation XIII

Style Saturday - Kingdom Hearts (2). Women.

I know Organisation XIII aren’t exactly what anyone would call “fashion icons,” since they only wear long, black jackets all the time. However, keeping them in mind when planning an outfit is surprisingly fun. It can help pull off an interesting style as well as paying a sneaky tribute to the characters!

Instead of going for a black hoodie to replicate the hooded-jacket look, I went for a black jumper with the silver heart necklace, using the necklace as a play on the silver hood-strings they have. The black shorts keeps the outfit summery. Adding the belt and white bag helps keep the look bright, without looking too far off from the Organisation’s uniform.

Necklace €15 | Jumper €25 | Converse €54 | Bag €70 | Shorts €19 | Belt €15

Are these outfits fit for an aspiring Keyblade master? Let us know in the comments below!