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Top 5 Pets We Wish We Had At Hogwarts

So September 1st came and went and again we didn’t go to Hogwarts. But this never stops Potterheads like myself from thinking about what types of things we would do and what cool stationary and supplies we would bring. A big question for all wizards when starting school is “owl, cat or toad?” and this […]

What The Meow?!

MEOW is a ridiculous but hilarious video made by YouTuber Markiplier. Mark is best known online for his gaming videos. However sometimes he takes the occasional break to make some live action skits. Some of which bring about hilarious results. Whether you’re a fan of his videos or not, you have to admit the fusion of Mark‘s humour and […]

Gif Essay: It’s A Catastrophe

It seems cats have become quite popular in terms of modern day pets. They’re fairly independent critters who’ll happily lounge about on their own and they generally don’t need to be walked the way you would a dog. However, if you look after one you’ll also generally know that for all the fuzzy companionship cats […]

Review: Kitteenies The Collection

I don’t know where the Internet and its netizens developed an obsession with cats and kittens but as far back as I can remember the world wide web has always worshipped felines. Lolcats, grumpy cat, cheezburgr have grown so big they’re a cornerstone of internet pop culture and those only scratch the surface. We love everything […]

Gallery: Star Wars Cats

Griz & Norm Lemay are an amazing couple who are feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio. Griz (Griselda) is a visual development artist & character designer. Norm (Normand) is a storyboard artist. To our delight, they quite enjoy drawing cats during their spare time. They’re also big Star Wars fans. So naturally, they […]

Harry Potter Reenacted By Kittens

What could be better than another kitten video on the internet? How about a kitten video where the adorable grey little furball and his friends reenact the 8 Harry Potter movies! Oh yeah! You can’t even hide your intrigue! Feast your magical kitten loving eyeballs on the most adorable video you’ll watch today! Wingardium Levios-awwwwhhhh! Declan […]

Cats Own The Internet! Here’s Why!

Most people think the internet was created by a bunch of smelly humans sitting in a small room typing random letters back and forth and checking to see if they went from one computer to another. That’s half right! Those were the days, the beginning and humble origins of the way society, yours and ours […]