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Cat’s Choice: Favourite Feline Friends

Cat’s Choice: Favourite Feline Friends


Listen, we’re not total monsters! Contrary to the cheap and lazy efforts of Hollywood and the media as a whole, cats aren’t entirely evil. Movies and cartoon sketches aplenty where the cats are always the bad guy, the butt of the joke and it’s usually for your entertainment and hardly ever for our benefit. Even if we’re genetically prone to evilness the world needs to have some balance to it…

It’s easier to portray us as small white little fluffballs of evil and terror but if you’d pay attention there are some amazing cat heroes out there and they’re doing their best to right some serious wrongs against feline kind! So for your education all me to introduce you to cats and cat people who are fighting the good fight!

Cat_man5Catman – Fairly Odd Parents

Okay he’s a bit of a bumbling buffoon but Fairly Odd Parents is one of the best kids show ever written and Catman is trying to do his best by his feline fellows.

What he lacks in superpowers he makes up for with enthusiasm and joy! Add that to the fact that he is voiced by Adam West playing himself as a parody of the role that made him famous on television and as a pop culture icon.

Should you ever need super absorbpent cat litter or even some cat-nesia spray then trust him to have your back!

Eleanor Abarnathy – The Simpsons

Never have I ever seen such blatant disregard and at the same time utter respect for cats before! Eleanor Abarnathy has dedicated her life and nervous breakdown to the cats of Springfield.


Cats on their own can be pretty vicious and can if necessary fight for themselves but old Eleanor has found a way to make them even more deadly! Throwing them with speed, power and terrifying accuracy at those who spurn her or just happen to encounter her down an alleyway or public park.

Lesson learned cat ladies deserve respect even if it’s only out of fear!

Catkind – Doctor Who

They may have never actually been a main character in the series but every appearance the Catkind have had they’ve proven themselves to be very shrewd, clever and intimidating people. They’re feline humanoids and appear to possess the best and the worst qualities of both species. 49fd529b04e9dce9a2cbe5fb4d0efde9

In an effort to rid the world of disease the Sisters of Plenitude opened a clinic to cure even the deadliest of ailments but at a cost. To find cures they needed test subjects and so they used clones known as ‘The Flesh’. Their endeavour was admirable their methods unforgivable even to the Doctor.

Later one of the Sisters, Novice Hame took care of the Face of Bo in an effort to atone for her order’s crime. She helped the Doctor protect the city and free those trapped in the underground motorway. She would go on to help rebuild New New York and would be instrumental in fighting off two invading armies alongside the Time Lord.

Salem Saberhagen – Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Cats can steal the show! Just ask Melissa Joan Hart when her role as everyone’s favourite teenage sorceress was overshadowed by a cat! Salem stole every scene he was in whether it was a real life cat or the creepy stuffed cat version they used! So what else would happen when he teamed up with Hart again for a reunion? Yup! He stole it all over again!

Cheetara – ThunderCats


She’s guardian, mentor and friend to leader of the ThunderCats, Lion-O. Cheetara is super fast, an expert gymanst and a master of the Bo staff. She possesses the ability to see into the past and future though the ability drains her. She has a sharp mind and superb reflexes all of which keep her one step ahead of danger and more able to protect her fellow ThunderCats.

If ever there was proof that cats are loyal then it’s Cheetara!

Catwoman – DC Comics


There is no other human alive who does a better job of being a cat than Selena Kyle! Dangerous, mysterious, powerful and quick, Catwoman possesses all the qualities of a cat but she’s also smart, knowing how to play her enemies and allies to suit her own needs. Just like a cat she doesn’t need your approval or your love but if you respect her then that’s exactly what you’ll earn in return.

Piss her off? Well cats have claws for a reason!