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Rainy Day – 10,000 Maniacs

Okay so today’s track of the day is kind of obscure. I’m not saying 10,000 Maniacs are an obscure band. To clarify I picked ‘Rainy Day’ because and I’m not joking, of a dream. Do you remember that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Sabrina has a Halloween party at home? Then as per […]

SMTV Live – Saturday Morning Cartoons

I know this isn’t technically a cartoon but, for me, SMTV Live defined my childhood Saturday mornings. Abbreviated from literally “Saturday Morning Television Live”, this show is the epitome of what children’s TV is missing today. Aired in August 1998 (eek I’m getting old) and running until December 2003, SMTV Live was hosted by the […]

Adam’s Magical TV & Movie Guide

We all need a little magic in our lives, whether it’s that spark of romance from your significant other, the thrill of finishing an amazing novel, or just that glorious moment when you take a bite out of your favourite chocolate bar. Mmm chocolate…. So, if you’ve been a little lax in the magic department lately, […]