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Iconic DC Characters – Gallery

As great appreciators of fantastic fan art here at The Arcade, we’ve put together a gallery of some iconic DC characters for today’s gallery. Created by the talented KidNotorious on DeviantArt, otherwise known as Charles Holbert Jr., these beautiful pictures of DC fan art will brighten up your Saturday. Check out the rest of his creations […]

Catwoman (2004) – Screen Savers

With the recent release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its less then stellar reception, I thought I would dig back into the Batman universe and see how truly filthy I could get. No, not the Tim Burton films, not even Batman And Robin (though I do love that film). No friends, today […]

Meow! Catwoman Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes we look at certain characters and their amazing costumes and want to wear that very costume right there and then! And most of the time… well, we haven’t got the materials to make the costume we’re salivating over. But sometimes we’ve got the make up to have a little bit of fun with! So […]

Back Issues: Femme Fatales

Noir tales have a lot of common essential imagery and set pieces; smoky parlours; rain slicked pavements lit up by street lamps; the amoral protagonist molded by the corrupt world they live in. All these and more are present in almost every popular Noir tale, be it in cinema, or in a paperback. Few things however, are quite […]