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New Geeky T-Shirts At Penneys

Geeky clothing is becoming increasingly common to find, even in non-speciality stores. With the popularization of our favourite series and franchises, easily accessible merchandise is bound to appear, making us all the merrier. Penneys (Primark) have been embarking on the geek train for a while now, and they’ve added a few more pieces to their collection. […]

Halo VS Call of Duty

Ever wondered what would happen if Master Chief burst into your bedroom and started attacking you? Well, YouTuber RackaRacka and his friends found out the hard way! Thankfully, though, they’re not completely unarmed! Check out the video below, and ignore some of the language used; we hope it’s a joke on the stereotypical gamer, it […]

Music Monday 6/10/14

For this Music Monday I decided to dive into my game collection and pick out some of the best soundtracks gaming has to offer. This list isn’t even a fraction of the soundtracks I could enthuse about (you’ll note there’s no Final Fantasy on here and that’s purely because I couldn’t pick just one). There […]

CODumentary: A Call of Duty Documentary Film

If you’re into nerd culture, Call of Duty has become an absolute staple of your yearly calendar, whether you like it or not. Every year the parade comes and goes, promising new multi-player options and steadfast strategies that keep gamers coming back again and again. The rise has been historic for the industry, and some […]

At a Glance: Titanfall Beta

Welcome to “At a Glance”, where first impressions of a title mean everything! Today things are a little different as we are looking at a game currently in development via an open Beta. All criticism is not final or towards the final product, just from the Beta. So without delay, ladies, gentlemen and lumbering humanoid […]