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Binging with Babish – EwTube

I don’t really follow cooking channels on Youtube.The exception was Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time but they’ve been dormant for a while and it doesn’t seem like they’re returning anytime soon. Thankfully, I found something even better. Binging with Babish is a show that Andrew Rea (or if we go by his nickname OliverBabish, which […]

Irish YouTubers To Check Out – EwTube

In a world flooding with online content, sometimes it can be easy to forget the perfect entertainment you can find right on your own doorstep. There are some great Irish YouTubers to check out who are definitely worth watching! In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some of my favourite Irish YouTubers: Jacksepticeye We […]

From Mainstream To Patreon – EwTube

Gaming media has been around for many years and has spread across forms, with dedicated print media gaining popularity in the late 80s to modern online and video-based media being the norm since the late 2000s thanks to advances in technology. Mainstream video game media outlets such as IGN, Kotaku, Polygon and Destructoid are just some of […]

Creepy Short Films – Ewtube

Is everyone super hyped for Halloween yet? I sure am! It’s getting very dark and spooky outside lately, especially with all these crazy clowns running around! With that in mind, I thought I would share 5 of my favourite creepy short films with you guys! Hopefully they will give you and your friends a good fright! […]