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Binging with Babish – EwTube

Binging with Babish – EwTube


I don’t really follow cooking channels on Youtube.The exception was Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time but they’ve been dormant for a while and it doesn’t seem like they’re returning anytime soon. Thankfully, I found something even better.

Binging with Babish is a show that Andrew Rea (or if we go by his nickname OliverBabish, which is a reference to The West Wing) does in his own kitchen, and the idea behind it is pretty cool. He recreates recipes from films or TV shows, sometimes giving them his own twist. And he makes them seem pretty doable, even though there’s one that took him about 14 hours to make.

He posts new videos every week, and these are my favourites. But before I start, his channel has a trailer that shows you the gist of it.

Goodfellas Prison Sauce

One of my favourite scenes from Goodfellas is when Henry ends up in jail and you see the mobsters making dinner. It’s a scene that always makes me hungry, and this video has the same effect.

Eggs Woodhouse (from Archer)

I vaguely remember a mention of Eggs Woodhouse in an Archer episode. Apparently the recipe was a DVD extra and it had Alan Alton Brown taking part in the segment. Since the dish is so decadent and over the top Andrew decided to make a charity fundraiser to help people in need.

Szechuan Sauce


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Dishes

This video is how I found the channel. I’ve always been intrigued by dishes like rum ham or milk steak but because I’m not that bored I never attempted to replicate them. He does, and the results are what I expected.

It’s more than nine minutes long, but they’re worth it. He should’ve tried to make Wolf Cola as a palate cleanser though.

Thanksgiving Sandwich from Friends

While I think Ross Geller is the worst character of Friends, I related to his anger at having someone else eat his sandwich. He described it in a way so appealing that I even overlooked that he called that extra slice of bread “Moistmaker”

Be sure to check his channel, as he has dishes inspired by stuff like Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers or 30 Rock just to name a few.