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EwTube: Fictional Food I Would Love To Eat

EwTube: Fictional Food I Would Love To Eat


0808A lot of the best fictional games, movies and books contain food that may not exist in the real world, but look delicious. Thankfully, we live in an age where the more adventurous of us, in terms of food and baking, can try out the best ingredients and bring the most fictitious of foods into a reality!

This week’s EwTube will show off some of my favourite creations, from games, movies and books.

Undertale’s Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie

The first recipe comes from the fairly-recent video game hit Undertale by Toby Fox. At the beginning of the game, main character, Frisk, encounters the snail-loving, caring goat-mom; Toriel. During the apt tutorial section of the game, Toriel starts to bake you a pie and while you are taking a nap, she leaves a slice in your room for you to enjoy once you wake up. Made with love, Toriel’s butterscotch cinnamon pie sounds like it could fill any one with determination.

If you have played Undertale, you probably understand the importance of the butterscotch cinnamon pie within the game. And if you are anything like me, this concept was lost on you due to the very mention of such a sweet-sounding pie. Thus, Feast of Fiction arrived to serve my appetite, bringing Toriel’s heartwarming (and stomach-filling) dessert into reality.

LOTR’s Lembas Bread

Who wouldn’t want to eat like a Hobbit? While this food never looked particularly appetizing in Lord of the Rings, the qualities it possess sounds awesome and the idea that you could take such a thing on long adventure to Mordor brings us all one step closer to Mordor. (I’ll let you decide if this is a good thing or not!) Looking absolutely amazing wrapped in leaves and tied up together, Lembas Bread can really become a tasty reality.

Since Lemas Bread is high in protein and calories to sustain a going adventurer, it’s probably best to eat this on the longest journeys only!

Alice in Wonderland’s Eat Me & Drink Me Potions

Finally, comes a recipe from a book/movie that we would all love to see in reality. That is the ‘drink me’ potions and ‘eat me’ cakes from Alice in Wonderland.

Feast of Fiction once again create some wonderful Alice in Wonderland-themed cookies and potions. As a child, I, like many others, had an obsession with Alice in Wonderland and would have loved to have potions that such as these. And, while it’s still not possible to create magic potions to shrink us or delicious cakes to make us grow, we can still at least enjoy some great tasting snacks worthy of Alice herself!

Like the look of these recipes? Are there any other fiction foods you would love to be a reality? Let us know in the comments!