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Abridging The Gap Between Creators And Fans – EwTube

Abridging The Gap Between Creators And Fans – EwTube


While some anime are definitely on a superior level to others, nothing can really beat the downright ridiculous and hilarious fan dub or abridged version of the original thing. It could be a team of people, or just one creator putting their time and effort into a parody, but regardless, you’re definitely going to end up binge-watching a series or two if you go down that YouTube rabbit hole!

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In August 2013, Octopimp and sparkytheandroid released the very first episode of their Free! Iwatobi Swim Club parody. The prologue episode is only a mere 54 seconds long, but future episodes are significantly longer.

DragonBall Z Abridged

When someone mentions abridged anime, TeamFourStar is definitely who pops into my mind first. Their abridge of DBZ is probably one of the most iconic parody series out there.

Yugioh the Abridged Series

From most iconic to longest running abridged series on this list, LittleKuriboh‘s YGOTAS has been ongoing since its release in 2009!

Sailor Moon Abridged

Now if you’re familiar will TeamFourStar‘s DBZA series I just mentioned, you may recognise one of the voice actors, Megami33, who voices Bluma, Puar, and Chaotzu in their series. Well, Megami33 also voices both Serena and Luna in SMA! Sadly, SMA was discontinued back in late 2012.

Pokemon Bridged

Honestly speaking, I think Elite3‘s Pokemon abridged series was one of the first I ever stumbled upon! And it’s still one of the greats!

Do you have a guilty pleasure abridged series you love to binge? Let us know in the comments!