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Irish YouTubers To Check Out – EwTube

Irish YouTubers To Check Out – EwTube


In a world flooding with online content, sometimes it can be easy to forget the perfect entertainment you can find right on your own doorstep. There are some great Irish YouTubers to check out who are definitely worth watching!

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some of my favourite Irish YouTubers:


We can’t talk Irish YouTubers and not name one of the biggest Tubers of them all. Jacksepticeye, for those who don’t know, uploads gaming videos and prides himself on his energetic commentary. He also likes to take time to appreciate the games he is playing and appears to remain incredibly humble, in spite of his success.

He takes advantage of his Irish-ness and comes up with hilarious results!


Bry has a beautiful voice and is known for his music on YouTube. He plays in concerts all around Ireland and has recently moved to England, where we hope he will find every success!

His music is definitely worth a listen. His Irish twang certainly comes out in his singing and he is currently in the middle of his European tour!

Foil, Arms & Hog

While these guys don’t define themselves as YouTubers, they have massive success on the platform. They primarily focus on their stand-up comedy, which never fails to impress. They then re-create their sketches and upload them to YouTube!

They can be seen live all over Ireland and in England and are three very funny chaps. You will not regret a subscription to their channel!

Do you know any Irish creators I might have left out? Let us know your favourite channels in the comments below!