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Hilda Theme Song – Grimes

I’m still not sure how I feel about this new Netflix animated series Hilda. Based on the graphic novel by Luke Pearson, the series follows the adventures of a young girl Hilda. A friend to all but especially weird creatures, elves, giants and everything in between, Hilda is a kind, curious and brilliant young girl. So […]

Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

People love to hate on the early to mid 00’s superhero movies, in particular Daredevil and Elektra. But one thing you can’t fault, though I’m no expert on metal of any sort, is that quintessential grungy-electro-metal soundtrack that accompanies films like these. In particular, the double-dose of Evanescence. The beautifully dark feel of the Netflix […]

‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ – The Ramones

I’ve been listening to a lot of Marvel soundtracks this week. ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by The Ramones is one of my favourite songs included on any Marvel movie album, and it’s also played during one of my favourite scenes in Spider-Man Homecoming. Spidey is swinging around his neighbourhood trying to do some good, as per Iron […]