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The Goblin King – Making It Up

Welcome, welcome, to a new segment here on The Arcade. Hopefully you are used to our regular format of Style Saturday when it comes to makeup, but I wanted to dive even deeper into the world of painting faces. I’ll be taking iconic looks from our favourite movies, series, comics and games, and talking about what […]

Shape It Till You Make It – Cosplay Closet

Ah the wonderful unexplored world of undergarments. “Unexplored? How so?”, you may be thinking. We, for the most part, tend to stick to our basic bras and panties/ tighty-whities or boxers combo on a day to day basis, including when it comes to cosplay. And while that is totally 100% fine, you may also be […]

The Art of Medusa Dollmaker

Lately I’ve been enamoured with the works of Asunción Macián Ruiz, most commonly known as Medusa Dollmaker. She is a self-taught digital and traditional illustrator from Valencia, Spain. Her work tends towards the dark and macabre, with some splashes of nerdyness along the way. Lots of filigree and art nouveau elements make her work extremely intricate while still remaining […]

Monsterpalooza 2016

Monsterpalooza, the world-renowned event for fans of film, makeup, special effects, but most importantly, monsters, is back for yet another year. The-Arcade is excited to be sending a correspondent to document this year’s event. Monsterpalooza has been around since 2009, allowing fans to meet award winning masterminds behind some of the greatest creatures ever created for feature […]

MAC To Release Star Trek Makeup

Calling all Trekkies! In honour of Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, MAC is launching a limited Star Trek themed makeup collection. I know, give us one minute to recollect ourselves. The line will be inspired by the badass women (humans or not) like Seven Of Nine and Uhura. The 25-piece collection will include eyeshadow, lipstick, nail […]

Video: Path of a Lightsaber

With The Force Awakens coming out officially in the USA in digital copy on April 1st, and on Bluray/ DVD on April 5th, we thought a little reminder of what makes this movie so special to fans was in order. “Path of a Lightsaber” is a beautifully fan-edited video that shows the path Luke’s lightsaber has […]

Batman V Superman – Style Saturday

So Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally out and opinions are as mixed as people taking Bats’ or Supes’ side. Love it or hate it, it’s still the fight of the century. After all, it’s not often that the two (possibly) most loved superheroes of all time are going up against each other. […]

Fitness Level 8 – Video Game Gym

The idea: Lose weight and tone up/ build muscle The plan: Maintain a regular fitness routine and eat better Current stats  Height: 5ft 4′ Starting Weight: 60kg Weight Goal: 55kg Fitness Level: 8/10 “Fitness level 8?” you may ask. While I haven’t been able to keep a steady workout regimen, I have been running (on and off) and trying […]

The Walking Dead Gets Permanent Attraction At Universal Studios

It seems like all theme parks are doing lately is trying to one-up each other with the next best attraction… not that we’re complaining! This is actually pretty wonderful news for annual pass holders and first time park goers alike. Universal Studios Hollywood will boast a new The Walking Dead themed attraction later this year. Set to open this […]

Style Saturday – Happy Mother’s Day

The time has come to celebrate all mothers of this world. I mean, we should always be thankful for everything our mothers have done for us, of course, but you know how it is… Any ol’ excuse for some gift-giving is a good one. And today I’ve decided to pay tribute to some of fiction’s […]