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Style Saturday: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Panda is a great franchise. It teaches kids they can take their passions in life and make something great of them. It teaches them they don’t have to fit into molds stipulated by society and that being different is OK. It is also gorgeously animated. The designs are simplified yet clever. It might […]

Gallery: Cute Creature Claws

Bored of painting your nails just one plain colour? Why not try out some more daring designs inspired by some of your favourite characters? Some of these designs are pretty out there, especially the deco nails (the ones with the 3D decorations), but they’re great to look at and find inspiration in nonetheless. You can also […]

Cardcaptor Sakura Spandex is Here

If you love spandex and are not familiar with Living Dead Clothing, you are definitely missing out. They cater to all kinds of fandoms, including non-franchise specific fantasy and horror designs. This time, they’re catering to the young otaku in all of us with their latest Cardcaptor Sakura line. They’ve got everything from dresses, leggings, and skirts that have designs […]

Terribly Terrific Tattoos

Wearing t-shirts and buying merch is fine, but there’s no better way of showing your commitment to your fandoms than on your actual skin. Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s definitely an artist out there to make your ink dreams come true! Laura Annunaki The creator of possibly the most squee-inducing tattoos […]

Orange Is the New Black Is Renewed for 3 More Seasons

Netflix is at it again, defying the norms of regular TV, by renewing one of its most beloved shows for not one, but three new seasons (can I get an Amen?). Orange is the New Black already boasts three seasons, with its fourth to come out on Friday June 17. The renewal is for three additional seasons, […]

Top 5 Precious Plush Pals

Not quite ready to get out of bed yet? Quite understandable, it is Saturday morning after all! So snuggle up tightly to some of these fluffy friends and grab some extra Zs. Calcifer  Don’t let Calcifer get you hot headed (get it?) while preparing your breakfast. Instead, hug tight this plush version of possibly the world’s […]

King of New York Expansion Coming out in 2016

King of New York, which is pretty much a new and improved version of King of Tokyo (it maintains the core essence of KoT, but with added mechanics) is soon to have its very own expansion pack! According to the publisher: With King of New York: Power Up!, Captain Fish, Sheriff, and their fellow monsters […]

RePlay: Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Whenever I’m asked “What’s your favourite video game?” I always answer “Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts” without thinking twice. New gen consoles may have all the pretty graphics, and all the open worlds, but no game will ever have quite the same charm as this one. From the ginger zombies, to the main character’s spotted underwear […]

Style Saturday: The Morrígna

I know, I’m super late to the party, but I only managed to pick up some copies of The Wicked + The Divine recently. Boy have I been missing out. If you like mythology, deities, and general bad-assery, you’ve got to get your hands on this comic. It manages to bring ancient mythology into modern day […]

New Geeky T-Shirts At Penneys

Geeky clothing is becoming increasingly common to find, even in non-speciality stores. With the popularization of our favourite series and franchises, easily accessible merchandise is bound to appear, making us all the merrier. Penneys (Primark) have been embarking on the geek train for a while now, and they’ve added a few more pieces to their collection. […]