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MORE Creepy Short Films – Ewtube

MORE Creepy Short Films – Ewtube


It’s Halloween week, so I think it’s appropriate for some more creepy short films. Unlike Carrie’s piece last week, these aren’t my favourites. I’m remise to admit it but I a bit of a wuss watching some of these, well it’s really just the lead up to jumpscares that gets me, but I powered through it for you, the readers. Most of these I’ve not seen before and I’ve tried to keep it to one video per ‘creature’. So… Let’s get to it

Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad

I saw this one a while back, finding it for this piece though, I didn’t realise it was over eight years old at this point.

The Night Life

I find this one to be more endearing than horrifying, eh what do I know. I’ll let you be the judge.

Yummy Meat

And now to get down to the real meat of the it, you’d better be ready for any trick or treaters that come your way, you never know what they’ll really be. And if you’re trick or treating, don’t neglect the tricks when needed…



Seriously, be wary of trick or treaters!

Especially if they’re a lone child. Also, damn that mask is effective.