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Vampyr – Review | All Bark! No Bite!

The night is dark and everything about this place is dreary. The air is cold, stinging and blinded by a heavy fog rolling in off the Thames. This is London town. Your hunting ground and your grave. This is Vampyr and…  I am completely overselling it perhaps because I’m still in denial about the whole […]

Bela Lugosi – Nerd Icon

True Blood, The Strain, Being Human and yes, even Twilight; we live in an age where the figure of the vampire is more widely known than ever before. Granted, depictions of vampires across all cultures go nearly as far back as human civilisation itself, but our views on the undead have certainly become more nuanced over […]

MORE Creepy Short Films – Ewtube

It’s Halloween week, so I think it’s appropriate for some more creepy short films. Unlike Carrie’s piece last week, these aren’t my favourites. I’m remise to admit it but I a bit of a wuss watching some of these, well it’s really just the lead up to jumpscares that gets me, but I powered through it […]

Review: Dracula Untold

The cinema screens have not been short on origin stories over the last few years. You might have been forgiven for assuming that the horror genre’s most famous monsters would be safe from this phenomenon but this year’s early horror action film Dracula: Untold is set to prove you wrong or at the very least try! […]