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The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch

The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch


If you’re anything like myself then you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of your time plugged into the internet. You’re either browsing in work, on the commute home or bundled up in front of the TV with your laptop! It’s hard to pull away! We’re living in a constant stream of information! Unfortunately it’s not always the healthy or mindful kind.

Sometimes it can all become a little too much! When the media, online/offline get their hooks in a story, our personal internet bubble can flood with some pretty distressing stories and events! T

here’s no point in pretending this stuff doesn’t happen. Constantly exposing ourselves to it can have a negative impact on our mental health. Couple that with longer working hours, demanding schedules and it’s not hard to see why people are struggling to keep their mental health in check.

The Positivity Pack

One young entrepreneur based in Limerick is helping us find a little more positivity in our lives. James Corneille has founded the ‘Positivity Pack’, a chill-out kit that enstills a little happiness and calm into our day. The pack comes in different scales all containing knick-knacks and positive messages. While a perfect way to let a friend/colleague know you’re thinking of them there’s no harm in grabbing one for yourself as a pick-me-up.

James reckons the packs are also great for businesses and managers to let their staff know they’re thinking of them. The pack can be delivered anonymously if you want to perk up someone’s day in secret or you can mad all together and customise your message to them.

‘Positivity Pack’ is receiving great feedback from senders and recipients as James continues to spread good vibes across the world.

For more information or to pick one up your own ‘Positivity Pack’ check out the links below!