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Dara O Briain Announces New Video Game Show

Dara O Briain Announces New Video Game Show


Dara O Briain is a self-professed video game fan, so it shouldn’t come as any major surprise that he’s put together quite a show about video games.

Go 8 Bit is the new show spearheaded by the comedian with guests such as Ed Byrne, Bob Mortimer, Rachel Riley, Ed Byrne, Josie Long, Holly Walsh, and Ellie Gibson.

The program was originally a live show by fellow gamers Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon. McNeil and Pamphilon will captain two teams of celebrity guests in five rounds of competitive video games, ranging from classics to modern titles. Whether or not the television equivalent will feature the same kind of format or perhaps fuse video game concepts with real life is uncertain, but anything’s possible.

Fusing television and video games has always been a heavy sword to swing. Shows like Gamesville and Guru Larry’s Retro Corner tried to bring the mediums together for personality or news-heavy shows, but we’ve yet to see a game show about gaming become truly realized.

Hopefully with the original creators of the concept working with O’Briain, it’ll turn out swell. It’s scheduled to air Monday September 5 on Dave.