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Whatchu Doing Ian? Edinburgh Fringe Special

I’ve had a pretty eventful month to say the least. Up until August 17, I was completing my postgraduate dissertation. In any other city, that wouldn’t be saying much, but it just so happens that August in Edinburgh is a very special time of year. Originally started in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh […]

Bridesmaids – Screen Savers

Bridesmaids is a 2011 American comedy that has received endless praise from critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, I cannot do the same. Sure, perhaps I am biased, since the humour of modern comedies usually don’t suit my tastes and I miss the good-old days of the 90s comedies. And while I watched the film with […]

One Punch Man – Otaku Review

Heading into the Christmas season, there is nothing like a light-hearted anime to get the spirits going. One Punch Man is always my go-to anime for some laughs and it allows me to just unwind and watching something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I realise most anime fans have probably gotten around to watching this […]

Click (2006) – Screen Savers

Needless to say, these days movies featuring Adam Sandler carries a dark cloud over them. After his flourishing success in the nineties, recent times have hit the once famous comedian hard. Prepare yourself as I take you back to 2006, in a time when comedy hit that ‘awkward teen stage,’ in that it wasn’t quite typical […]