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The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch

If you’re anything like myself then you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of your time plugged into the internet. You’re either browsing in work, on the commute home or bundled up in front of the TV with your laptop! It’s hard to pull away! We’re living in a constant stream of information! Unfortunately it’s not always […]

The Noob Experience – Conventions

A typical bucket list consists of things like skydiving, seeing the pyramids, setting foot on every continent. Yet close to the top of mine was going to a convention. Working in a typical office environment, conversations revolve around Coronation Street and E.R.  Shows like Eureka, Supernatural, and Arrow simply don’t make the cut. I always […]

DIY Problem? Give Mjolnir A Go!

Mjolnir may have better uses like fighting hordes of frost giants, thwarting evil brothers and thwacking the Hulk but one fan has found a new use. At the end of the day, the weapon is a hammer and hammers are pretty useful. Whether you’re knocking a hole in the wall trying to put up a […]