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The Disaster Artist Hits The Big Screen

Odds are, you know what movie I’m talking about when I say The Room. The film was so infamously bad that many have dubbed it the worst film ever made. Of course, that means the internet loves it. Who doesn’t love watching car crash movies? Following the success(?) of The Room, one of its stars Greg Sestero […]

The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch

If you’re anything like myself then you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of your time plugged into the internet. You’re either browsing in work, on the commute home or bundled up in front of the TV with your laptop! It’s hard to pull away! We’re living in a constant stream of information! Unfortunately it’s not always […]

Harry Potter Reenacted By Kittens

What could be better than another kitten video on the internet? How about a kitten video where the adorable grey little furball and his friends reenact the 8 Harry Potter movies! Oh yeah! You can’t even hide your intrigue! Feast your magical kitten loving eyeballs on the most adorable video you’ll watch today! Wingardium Levios-awwwwhhhh! Declan […]

Cats Own The Internet! Here’s Why!

Most people think the internet was created by a bunch of smelly humans sitting in a small room typing random letters back and forth and checking to see if they went from one computer to another. That’s half right! Those were the days, the beginning and humble origins of the way society, yours and ours […]

Canadian Teen Imprisoned For Online Harassment

A Canadian teenager, linked to hacker group Lizard Squad, has been given a 16 month sentence for online harassment. According to Wesley Yin-Poole of eurogamer.net the convicted would contact victims: “via League of Legends or Twitter, then set to work harassing them if they declined his friend requests. He blamed his actions on boredom.”. The accused […]

Regulations Upholding Net Neutrality Approved

Today the FCC passed regulations to run the internet as a public utility, and in so doing preserve Net Neutrality. Writing for The Guardian, Dominic Rushe explains that: “Broadband providers will be banned from creating so-called “fast lanes” blocking or slowing traffic online, and the regulator will oversee mobile broadband as well as cable. The FCC […]

RWBY Creator Monty Oum Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Rooster Teeth’s Monty Oum has passed away yesterday afternoon at 33 years of age. Oum entered a comatose state ten days ago when he suffered an allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure. The staff of Rooster Teeth assures us that he was […]