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The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch

If you’re anything like myself then you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of your time plugged into the internet. You’re either browsing in work, on the commute home or bundled up in front of the TV with your laptop! It’s hard to pull away! We’re living in a constant stream of information! Unfortunately it’s not always […]

Nintendo To Expand Their Business

Gaming fans might have heard that back in the day, dear old Nintendo was very different to what it is today. Back before they made themselves a household name in gaming, the company was known for several other business such as food production and… love hotels. Needless to say, the hotel business didn’t exactly pan out, […]

BitBanter with KustomKontrollers

Everyone has the same console and while the one you own might say something about your preference for Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft (let’s not forget PC gamers either), it still looks the same as the one your friend owns. The key to standing out is the same one used in the fashion world – […]