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Press Start: Culture Clash

A majority of creative pieces can find their grounding in real world circumstances. Creative people can find inspiration in anything whether it is a myth, legend, historical fact or cultural influence. To cite an example from a video game, look at Wukong from League of Legends who is heavily influenced by the Chinese mythological figure Sun […]

Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing Controversy – Scarlett Johansson Speaks

Whitewashing is a serious issue currently at the forefront of the Hollywood zeitgeist. Film makers, casting directors and actors alike have been heavily criticised for the racially insensitive depictions of non-Caucasian source material. Scarlett Johansson is the latest actor to be at the centre of this particular controversy. It follows her casting as protagonist Motoko […]

The Positivity Pack Packs A Happy Punch

If you’re anything like myself then you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of your time plugged into the internet. You’re either browsing in work, on the commute home or bundled up in front of the TV with your laptop! It’s hard to pull away! We’re living in a constant stream of information! Unfortunately it’s not always […]