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Team Iron Man – Style Saturday

Team Iron Man – Style Saturday


So I personally may be on Cap’s side for Civil War, but there’s two sides to every story as they say and I wouldn’t be very fair if I just focused on Cap for this entire thing, right? So this week, following up on last Saturday, we’re going to be looking at Iron Man. Yep, Mister Tony Stark himself is going to be covered this week. You want to look your best when you go to see Civil War, don’t you? Of course you do! We all know Tony is a very stylish man when he wants to be, so we’re not only going to look at Iron Man in all his glory, but also Tony Stark outside of the Iron Man suit. So, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?


This little option here is a little more dressy and fancy than the second. Sometimes you may just want to dress up a little more when you’re going to see the men in your life fight it out on the big silver screen. Well, I know I do anyway. So yes, we’re even going to include heels in this one!

The main colour when you think of Iron Man definitely has to be red, right? So yep, that’s the primary colour I’ve gone with for this little outfit. Skater dresses can be so flattering as they flare out at just the right angle, and a block colour can be quite easy to accessorize around! The second colour to set off the Iron Man look is obviously gold, and while red can be hard enough to wear sometimes, gold can sometimes seem much harder and a little scary too. But do not fret! Get yourself a nice gold pair of heels, boots, sandals or even sneakers if you want, it’ll break up that red block colour and give you the Iron Man feel. A nice waist cinched belt can work wonders for every figure out there, and make it gold to break up the look even more! Gold bag, and maybe a gold bangle or gold earrings and you’re almost ready to go. You just can’t forget an Arc Reactor now, can you? Get yourself a nice necklace and you’re definitely fit for Civil War!

Dress €32, Shoes €13, Belt €12, Bag €18, Necklace €6


This second option is more of an almost… cosplay of sorts for Tony Stark himself. If you don’t want to venture down the road of gold or red pants, then this look is going to be perfect for you to wear to the cinema!

Firstly, get yourself a Black Sabbath t-shirt as Tony can be seen sporting just that in The Avengers: Age of Ultron (correct me if I’m wrong!). But Tony doesn’t just wear the shirt, oh no, Tony likes to break things up by wearing a plain long sleeve tee underneath his t-shirt. Layers, they work wonders. Next up, get yourself a nice comfortable pair of jeans, any pair will do really, don’t fret too much! Sneakers, any kind you can get your hands on will do for Tony, low tops are usually what he’s seen in but high tops can work too! And now for the added touches; get yourself one of these awesome Iron Man watches (to be honest, I want one myself…), and just top the entire look off with an Arc Reactor necklace. They go with everything don’t ya know!!

T-Shirt €43, Long Sleeve Tee €10, Jeans €28, Sneakers €44, Watch €40, Necklace €9.06

Now the most important question: Are you #TeamIronMan, or are you #TeamCap? Let us know in the comments!