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Here we are again at another instalment of Otaku Digest, the spring season is well and truly under way with some real stand out and talked about titles in the mix. So far we have not had a title to really disappoint us, yes it has only been two weeks in but that is saying something, never say never however since there are a few titles that seem like they could be duds or on the lower end of the excitement spectrum. We do want to know your thoughts on the season are – what are you watching this season and what do you think?

For now however let’s kick this week off with this week’s title entries Anne Happy and Big Order – Some of the shorter titles for anime we have seen this season, a nice change but do they hold up?



Anne Happy

First up this week we have Anne Happy a seinen, school. Slice of life and comedy anime that has been adapted from the manga Unhappy that first aired on April 7. The anime brings us to the Tennogofune Academy and introduces us to class1-7 which the anime centres around, this is where all those students who have a lot of misfortune or bad karma have been brought together. We meet Hibari who on her first day of school meets classmate Botan a repeatedly unwell person and the incredibly unlucky Hanako. Fed up with a constantly unhappy school life they set out with the mission to try and turn their day to day school lives into a happier experience but are they doomed to be unluckily unhappy forever?

Alright I guess I need to kick off with the usual disclaimer, yes I truly hate slice of life anime. There is no big reason for this bar the fact I just took a dislike to them early in my anime watching adventures. For the most part I find them boring and unnecessary, a studio making a quick buck on a lack lustre series. Thankfully my perception of this genre has begun to change with discovering or having been introduced to a few series that have been fantastic although completely simple but there has been nothing from recent seasons to get excited over, in my opinion.

This anime however caught my attention with that introduction scene which although simple was effective in both its comedic relief aspects and the introduction of its characters which is essentially what the intro theme did also but what is it with slice of life anime where the characters sing the opening theme? In this case although a fun song it lost its appeal as some voices did not fit the tone. You know what? As far as first episodes go I did not hate this one and it was a slice of life anime, each character that was introduced has an individual personality and gives a different aspect to the episode and with the introduction of the teacher character I was sold. The entire premise is actually interesting in the fact it is centred on less then fortunate individuals working towards being happy.

Will I Continue to Watch: You know what? I think it deserves a go!



Big Order

Next we have the shounen, super power and action anime Big Order which has been adapted from the manga of the same name which originally aired on April 16 and the title has also spawned an OVA of the same name. This anime transports us to a world where ten years previous a child made a wish for the world to be destroyed. Bred from that wish came a group of individuals who have the ability to grant their wishes but it all depends on their powers, they are known as an Order User.

Among those with the power of Order there is one person who outshines the rest, they hold the ability to take over and master the world while also holding the power to turn people into their puppets when it is on their dominion. Now Hoshimiya Eiji holds this power and is also responsible for the destructive events that took place ten years before.

Well as far as openings to a first episode go that was one of the more confusing I have seen in a long time. Knowing about the wish and the destruction caused from it perhaps it did not have the same effect the creators wanted it to have on me. I found it to be forced and needlessly trying to be dark and thought evoking. The entire opening of this anime is needlessly complicated and there is far too much attempting to explain the entire premise through dialogue.

I was very surprised I didn’t like this anime straight off the bat since I really thought it would be right up my alley but I was shocked to see just how many of the usual tropes it was using. For one thing, really anime? A good looking female transfer student just happens to live in the protagonist building. Although there were some good little aspects to the episode the entire thing felt like about 5 other and better anime put together to make a cheap knock off version. Although the actual animation in the anime itself is impressive and the character designs for each of the characters is interesting, no amount of violence or dark imagery is going to save a sinking ship of a narrative, this anime could have been great perhaps it is dropped some of the clichés. I imagine it may get better later in the series as it develops but I am not that prepared to give it that amount of time.

Will I Continue to Watch: No too many clichés with no real pay off