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Gif Essay: Otaku Haze

Gif Essay: Otaku Haze


Right fine I’ll admit it I might have been/currently still in a hardcore Anime marathon/binge/wasting my life spree! I’m proud of it and no there haven’t been any terrible side effects to report!

I mean I’m suffering from partial blurred vision, sure I hear everything one pitch higher than it should normally sound, a migraine and yeah maybe I’ve got a sleep deprivation but you want to know something?

My halluincatory world is pretty kawaii! Anime beats reality hands down! Let me show you why!
(For the sake me not writing Reality/Anime atop each image… obviously for reality I’ve used ‘real’ images!)

Morning routine? I’m always late!

Morning2 See in an Anime I’d have more time to sleep in or at least look adorable while I throw my carcass back on the mattress!

Pet or sassy sidekick?


I’m not saying that dog is ugly I’m just saying this Anime cat is better!

Public transport! Pffft?!

Bus1 Bus2

Public transport is pretty fun already and I treat it like an Olympic sport… now replace it with a cat!

All Food looks amazing!

Food1 Food2

To be fair… food is food! I just want to look at it all! Anime food has no calories though! So it wins!

Your Best Friend Or Arch Nemesis?!

Best Friend1Best Friend 2
Real best friends grow up to be super evil ninjas!

Nerds Are Lethal!

Nerd 1 Nerd 2

Now I’m not saying Taylor Swift is terrifying but if the psychosis fits…

Boss or villain?

Boss1 Boss2

Bosses come in many shapes, sizes and rage levels! Mine is lovely though… a real sweetheart!