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Binge It Or Bin It August 2018

We’re big fans of Netflix at The Arcade. Some may even call the number of hours we devote to the platform obsessive, but we’re owning it. Plop us on a couch in front of a 50 inch screen, provide us with a big bucket of popcorn and we’re happy bunnies! As we’re self-described Netflix connoisseurs, […]

Building Your Geek Fortress 101

So the weekend has come and gone and what have you to show for it? Were you forced to clean your room? Was your gaming space invaded by relatives? The television conquered by chores? Well, you are not the only one. Thousands, nay, millions of us across the world suffer at the hands of weekend […]

Gif Essay: Otaku Haze

Right fine I’ll admit it I might have been/currently still in a hardcore Anime marathon/binge/wasting my life spree! I’m proud of it and no there haven’t been any terrible side effects to report! I mean I’m suffering from partial blurred vision, sure I hear everything one pitch higher than it should normally sound, a migraine […]

Event: Good Game Ireland Games Night II

After their triumphant success with their first game night, the lovely folk over at Good Game Ireland are returning with a second night and have opened their doors for everyone to join them once again. When? January 18th, 7pm til late Where? The Black Sheep, Capel Street, Dublin How much? FREE “Come along and enjoy […]

Gif Essay: Netflix And Chill

So this is apparently a thing that young people are doing and I’m hardly old (I’m older though) but when bae text asking to Netflix and chill recently I didn’t quite realise what was expected of me! Much to my own amusement and their annoyance! Allow me to elaborate in the best way I can… […]

Opinion: Binge Watching And Its Effect(s)

I’m sure many are aware of the eponymous trend that is the subject of this post.  Setting aside some time to watch your favorite shows back-to-back is fast becoming a ubiquitous practice in the age of DVD box sets and more recently Netflix.  More than that, it would seem that television networks have gotten wise […]